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The Best Restaurants in Durham Thumbnail

The Best Restaurants in Durham

If you’ve been following our newsletter, you know about our true love for Durham. We enjoy the big-city fun and relatively small-town feel—a combination that’s hard to find. The big city means we have endless eating options, and since our family loves to entertain and host, our visitors are frequently impressed. But it’s not just us, the New York Post encouraged readers to go to Durham, calling it “The Foodie Capital of the South.”

Why We Love Living in Raleigh-Durham Thumbnail

Why We Love Living in Raleigh-Durham

As a UNC graduate, Raleigh-Durham has been home for many years. My wife and I have built our family, support system, and careers here. We could have easily moved away, but there are countless reasons we’ve remained rooted in North Carolina and plan to call the area home for years to come.

5 Things You Should Do When You Turn 65 Thumbnail

5 Things You Should Do When You Turn 65

You’re turning 65—congratulations! 65 is a huge milestone in your life and it should be celebrated with all the festivities you can muster. But turning 65 also means some important financial tasks are showing up on your to-do list. If you’re turning 65 this year, here are 5 things you should pay attention to as soon as possible.

The Rule of 72 Thumbnail

The Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 is helpful in calculating how long it will take for your portfolio to double. It is also helpful in inflationary environments to calculate how long it will take for your purchasing power to be cut in half.

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