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Allworth Partnership FAQs Thumbnail

Allworth Partnership FAQs


Adams Chetwood/Allworth Partnership FAQs

  • Will you still be my advisor?
    • Yes. Eric, Michelle, Audra, Donella and Jonna will still be here to help guide you to financial peace of mind, and:
      • Eric will still be an owner in the new firm
      • Our office will still be on University Drive in Durham
      • Your accounts will still be held at Schwab - you will just see a new logo on your monthly statements.
  • Why did you decide to partner with Allworth?
    • The impetus for this decision came from some continuity and succession planning that we did because of Eric's cancer diagnosis last year - for the longest time, Eric was Rick's succession plan and vice versa. When Rick retired in 2019 and then Eric was diagnosed, we realized we had some gaps in our continuity plan.
    • Fundamentally, we believe our mission is to help guide clients to financial peace of mind. A weak continuity plan does not help clients' peace of mind, and so we explored everything from affiliations to mergers to partnerships. After nine months of due diligence and having intimate conversations with 8 different firms, we concluded that Allworth was not only the best fit culturally and philosophically, but they were an ideal fit for our clients and our team. 
  • How will this partnership benefit me?
    • As mentioned above, this partnership with Allworth allows us to strengthen our continuity plan and in doing so, provide you with more peace of mind.
    • Clients will get the benefits of a larger firm while maintaining the intimate feel of a smaller boutique firm. Allworth currently has approximately $15 billion in Assets Under Management while Adams Chetwood manages $320 million. We will still be your advisor and primary point of contact, but we now have substantial resources and additional experts to better care for you and your family.
    • This partnership will free us up to focus on what we do best. As Adams Chetwood has grown over the last seven years, the administrative responsibilities of running a small business have grown as well. By delegating the back-office functions to Allworth, we can devote all of our time to our areas of expertise - financial planning and investment management. We look forward to having the capacity to serve more families and fulfill our mission of bringing financial peace of mind to more individuals preparing for and already enjoying retirement. 
  • Do I need to sign anything? Will there be a lot of paperwork?
    • Clients will receive a DocuSign email or a letter packet in the next week from Allworth Financial which will include an updated management agreement that will ensure that your management fees at this time will not change from what you were paying at Adams Chetwood. This transition will be much easier than when we left Wells Fargo in 2015. Because your accounts will remain at Schwab, we won't have to open new accounts. Once you sign the Allworth management agreement via DocuSign, there's nothing else for you to do right now. We will need your signature on that document to honor the historical pricing arrangement, so be on the lookout for that DocuSign email from Allworth. We'll be giving you a call over the next few weeks to see if you have an questions. 

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