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Is A Vacation Home Really An Investment? Thumbnail

Is A Vacation Home Really An Investment?

My grandmother bought a beach house with some of her friends years ago, and as you’d expect, some of my richest and dearest memories of my family were formed there. it cannot be overstated how much we as a family have benefited from this simple little house on the ocean. It is a place where my family can recharge and reconnect. The emotional and relational return on investment has been amazing.

Take Our Interactive Retirement Quiz! Thumbnail

Take Our Interactive Retirement Quiz!

How do you feel about your retirement readiness? It’s a loaded question, I know, but one that can make or break your financial future. Being ready to retire is about more than having a large sum of money in savings and turning 65. It’s about understanding your risk level, having a realistic budget, and knowing what goals you are aiming for, all so you can retire with confidence.