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Why I Became A Financial Advisor  Thumbnail

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

If I could sum up my career journey in one sentence it would be: The numbers drew me in, but the people made me stay. I knew I wanted a career in finance because I was fascinated with how the finance world worked and loved math. But once I got my feet wet and started working with people, hearing their stories, and walking through different chapters of life with them, my passion only grew. I loved that I could add value to their lives, and that by helping people with their money, I was helping them with the rest of their lives too.

Japanification Thumbnail


Though taking action to protect citizens from the global coronavirus pandemic is a must, it is also imperative to examine the consequences of heavy government and central bank involvement. Today, we take a look at Japan's economy and compare it to the US's.

Finding Growth in a Slow World Thumbnail

Finding Growth in a Slow World

Life has changed dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak hit. Growth has slowed in nearly all sectors it seems, and it is difficult to be positive. However, this article by the Capital Group at the American Funds shows where growth can be found for your portfolio, and it gives insight and hope for specific industries.