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The 5 Pillars of Our Investment Philosophy


We are long term investors who believe wisdom, quality, and diversification drive risk-adjusted returns. 

All people invest their wealth in order to make money, but we believe rates of return should always be reviewed in light of the risk taken to achieve them. Our focus is on maximizing long term risk-adjusted returns.

Pillar #1 – Design portfolios that integrate with a client’s financial plan. 

Wealth managers think in rates of return, while clients think in terms of life goals. For example, can I still retire when and how I want to without worrying about money? Thus, the first pillar of our investment philosophy is to design portfolios that integrate with a client’s financial plan. Without considering a clients comprehensive financial plan, many investments that might otherwise seem like good investments, can actually be detrimental to a client achieving their goals. If we can help you accomplish the financial goals that you have articulated to us, with as little risk as possible, then that should be our primary benchmark of success.

Pillar #2 - We are long term investors who manage money for long term investors 

Markets change daily. Your investment strategy should not, because your financial goals do not. We use a data driven planning process that can optimize the long term allocation that will quantifiably put you in the best position to achieve the goals you have articulated to us. Therefore, we believe a long term strategy is the best way to build and preserve wealth. This does not mean that we don’t make adjustments as your life changes or markets change. We are constantly monitoring markets, systematically reviewing investment performance, and regularly meeting with clients to make sure we have all the information necessary to build portfolios that put our people in the best position to succeed. 

Pillar #3 – Diversification drives risk adjusted returns. 

Our primary objective for any investment portfolio is to find the right balance between risk and return. Instead of “putting all our eggs in one basket”, we prefer to own many different asset classes that might react differently to the same event. By spreading our exposure, we can reduce the impact of any one event, which lowers portfolio risk and provides more consistent rates of return over time. While diversification cannot unilaterally protect you against financial loss, it is one way that we can reduce volatility and stress, and also drive risk adjusted returns for long term investors.

Pillar #4 – Our view of varying market efficiencies helps us keep fund expenses low. 

Our compensation structure incentivizes us to grow your portfolio as quickly and safely as possible. To that end, we believe using funds with low internal expenses is yet another way that we can increase risk adjusted returns on behalf of our clients. The funds in our investment models are a blend of passively managed funds and actively managed funds. In more efficient segments of the market where an index offers the best value, we will use it. In more inefficient segments of the market where an active manager can offer the best value, we will use them. By combining the best of both worlds, we can keep fund expenses low and drive risk adjusted returns, thus putting our clients in the best position to succeed.

Pillar #5 - We won’t be right all the time, but we do want to be wise all the time. If we are wise all the time, then we will be right enough of the time. 

Wisdom is one of the core values of our firm. In everything we do, we want to be wise. We want to leverage our collective experience, education, research and technology to provide clients with data driven recommendations that put them in the best position to accomplish their goals. We make recommendations that are built on wisdom rather than emotion. We believe sound investments are better than popular investments. We frequently remind clients that euphoric markets are not as good as they seem, and temporary pullbacks are not as bad as they seem. In all that we do, we will not always be right; but, we will always try to be wise.