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Why Do We Have Client Chaplains On Staff? Thumbnail

Why Do We Have Client Chaplains On Staff?


One of the core goals of our business is that we don’t want to just make rich people richer.  We want to care for clients in every way that wealth impacts them: financially, relationally, emotionally and even spiritually.  As a comprehensive wealth management team, we get to walk alongside clients through many different chapters in life.  Some of those moments are really beautiful. We get to see the sense of accomplishment at a retirement party, and the reflection of a career well spent. We get to listen to stories about travels, grand kids, anniversaries and charitable legacies.  The best part of our job is getting to witness the realization of all the retirement dreams that required hours of sacrifice and planning.  Most of these moments are wonderful.

However other life chapters are not so wonderful.  For example, what is the best way for us to care for clients when they lose a spouse or family member?  Is the risk adjusted rate of return important to them when they receive a cancer diagnosis?  Sure, there are financial implications from these tragedies that we are equipped to speak about.  But in those days and weeks, clients need more than an updated action summary from their financial plan.  They need someone who is specifically trained to help them process their loss, loneliness, or fear in a compassionate and loving way. 

For that reason, we have hired client chaplains who can help us care for clients in a more
comprehensive manner.  Dianne Waggoner and Tony Wilson have counseled hundreds of people through life’s tough chapters with empathy and wisdom. We are excited and grateful that they are joining our team.

Our vision is to care for you, our clients, in every way that wealth impacts you.  If you would ever like to speak to one of our chaplains, we would love to introduce you.  Of course, all
interactions are confidential and complimentary.  Please see Our Team for their contact information.